Diet for Lupus

What You Eat and Drink When You Have Lupus is Very Important

As lupus is “systemic” it can impact all parts of your body. This very much includes your digestive system which is famously sensitive in people who have lupus and indeed for most autoimmune conditions.

For example, do you know which foods are specifically allergic for people with lupus? Some are quite strange, and did you know that they can trigger flares?

Did you know that there are categories of foods which can worsen symptoms and increase flares? Would you like to be coached through them?

Do you know what carbohydrates should be avoided by people with lupus and which ones are ideal?
Is dairy good for people with lupus or are certain types of dairy more digestible?

Would you like to know what foods and herbal supplements are contraindicated with standard lupus medications?
What drinks should be avoided….but which are helpful and hydrating?
How much protein should I eat or should I be vegetarian?

Do you know what constitutes a balanced, sustainable lupus diet which will help to reduce your symptoms?

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Navigating Lupus: A Guide to Superfoods, Supplements, and Smart Eating Habits

Do you know what the six lupus superfoods are?
Would you like to know the perfect supplements and vitamins for lupus?
Do you ask yourself: “Should I detox or fast or juice?”
Do you have confidence in knowing what and how to eat when flaring?
Do you know what to snack on when experiencing steroid cravings?
Would you like tips, tricks and tools to avoid joint pain while cooking and preparing food?

I offer comprehensive training on “The Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Lupus Diet”.

It is a diet based on over 10 years research into lupus and on lived experience. In other words it is tried tested on people with lupus and on what ACTUALLY WORKS rather than what is SUPPOSED to work. On what is effective rather than what is a waste of your time and effort.
It is not a faddish diet. It is not a fashionable but practically impossible diet.
You will not get hungry and stressed. 

After just 8 weeks, you will know with absolute confidence what to eat to reduce your symptoms, avoid flares and maximize remission.
You will have 8 weekly 1:1 50 minute virtual sessions plus detailed but easy to understand and follow information sheets, guidance notes, recipes and food lists….all from the comfort and safety of you own home.

Transforming Lives with Lupus: A Personal Journey of Self-Care, Knowledge, and Support

Karen's 8-week program has been a life saver for me! I have learned so much from Karen about lupus itself, the importance of diet, supplements, and overall self-care. She has given me the foundation I needed to move forward. Karen is an incredibly caring, supportive, knowledgeable person and professional. I would highly encourage anyone to take advantage of her program. I will be forever grateful for our time together.

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If you think that this is something you need right now and would like to chat about it further for free then just click on this link.