1 Hour “Ask Me Anything About Lupus”  via Skype. 

In the Spring of 2012, I found myself diagnosed with a condition that had a very strange name, which the majority of people had never heard of. More particularly, I knew nothing about it either! In  my previous successful career in finance, one of the positions which I held was Head of Research and I have spent the last 8 years researching this complex disease and its effects on people worldwide.

I work alongside modern medicine and medications as well as alternative therapies and with all faiths and spiritual approaches.

A 5-star reviewer of my book “How to Stay Sane in Pain – Clarity, Resilience and Calm with Lupus” which was published in 2019 wrote: “This wonderful new book will help loads of lupus patients like me + our families, friends, schoolmates, teachers, colleagues, medics + co. raise lupus awareness all over the world. Karen’s writing is thoughtful, humane and thorough in a clear and concise way. I get the feeling she brings to her writing every ounce of her considerable professional expertise + everything she has learned via her own journey through the diagnostic and treatment process. The result is highly accessible, inclusive, moving, personal, enlightening and informative. I can’t recommend this enough” Verified purchase review from Amazon.

Questions I often get asked are as follows:

Many queries on the social media groups centre around lupus symptoms. Did you know for example that there was an official list of 11 lupus symptoms, and over 20 associated symptoms for the disease?

95% of people with lupus experience pain to some degree and pain management is a constant source of questions.

Lupus is not only physically hugely challenging but can take a huge toll emotionally. Many look for help and advice on panic attacks, frustration, depression and overwhelm.

The current price for the “Ask Me Anything About Lupus” hour is £79/US$99.

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