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Lupus specialist

Lupus Counselling

Karen Drennan-McEwan Ad. Dip. Cp., MNCPS Acc. M.A Hons.

I am a Psychotherapist and Author implementing a tried and tested mind/body approach for chronic pain and illness, which is the result of some 12 years training and experience and 10 years research. It also incorporates the latest research on how pain impacts the brain.

A Holistic Approach to Pain Management with Personal Experience and Professional Expertise

A holistic and multi-layered mind/body approach some of which is explored in my book “How to Stay Sane in Pain – Clarity, Resilience and Calm with Lupus“, which describes my own experience of a massive lupus flare and diagnosis of severe systemic lupus in 2012. I was delighted to receive the following testimonial from a client after only two sessions with me:


It really brought home to me what a big difference it makes having a counselor who has personal experience of lupus-type conditions and of the kind of care we typically receive….Karen’s personal experience made a huge difference to my feelings of confidence and her genuineness. I suspect it would be very useful in a practical way for suggesting ways forward when a client/patient is stuck with one of our “typical” problems”.

A Comprehensive Approach to Supporting Lupus Patients

My approach works completely in tandem and in support of conventional medical treatment and also alongside complementary therapies, specialist dietary advice and alternative healthcare systems such as acupuncture. I now work almost exclusively via Skype throughout the UK and internationally, with some 5 million people diagnosed with lupus around the world.