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“I hope you know that you can ask for help…it is absolutely positively okay to ask for help….help is real and it is possible. People find it every day” - Jamie Tworkowski

Counsellor, Psychotherapist & Author

I help people with lupus to improve their symptoms, prevent flares, and find happiness despite their illness.

Are you going through a difficult time?

Are you struggling with awful symptoms? Have you recently been diagnosed? Are you feeling overwhelmed and bewildered? Are you experiencing a lack of understanding and support? Have you lost hope?

I can help. I bring over 10 years of research into lupus and comorbid conditions such as Sjogrens Syndrome, Raynauds, Fibromyalgia and Rheumatoid Arthritis, including the latest research and contacts in the field. Also I am an experienced therapist with a whole toolbox of techniques, tips and tricks to make you feel better. Furthermore, I personally understand the complexities and difficulties that come with this experience having been myself diagnosed with severe systemic lupus in 2012. I am here to renew your overall quality of life.

Let me empower you on your journey. Reach out to me today to schedule a quick consultation and start your path to feeling totally supported and to a happier future.


Let me help you

As an autoimmune specialist therapist, with particular expertise and first-hand knowledge of lupus, I offer answers for the huge physical and emotional impact of these conditions.

I can help you navigate the complex landscape that surrounds autoimmune diagnosis and treatment with compassion and understanding, and I can diagnose and treat guilt, anxiety, trauma and depression.



If you have been diagnosed with lupus or are in the often extended journey to lupus diagnosis, let me help. Did you know for example that there are over 10 official symptoms of lupus?


Lupus symptoms and flares

Do you know the ultimate lupus anti-inflammatory diet? Do you know what foods and supplements are contra-indicated with lupus and lupus medications?


Chronic Fatigue

Intense chronic fatigue is a hallmark of lupus. I’m here to understand just how devastating and cruel this can be and give you new ways to manage and balance your energy. 

I offer 20-minutes complimentary telephone or video consultation

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I’m Karen Drennan - McEwan
Ad. Dip. Cp., MNCPS Acc. M.A Hons

My name is Karen Drennan-McEwan and I am a fully accredited Psychotherapist, Author and International Lupus Specialist. 

In 2012 I was diagnosed with Severe Systemic Lupus or SLE for short and survived a massive lupus flare which meant that I narrowly avoided a liver transplant but lost my spleen and which left me just 89 lbs or just over 6 stones and in a wheel chair.

I am now passionate about ensuring that no-one else feels as lost, bewildered and devastated as I once did shortly after diagnosis.


Counselling & Psychotherapy can help

My therapy gives you a totally secure, private and confidential time and space to talk to an independent, compassionate and empathetic professional. Virtual sessions can be done from the comfort and safety of your own home which especially suits people with chronic ill health or who are immunocompromised.

I am a solution and results focused, integrated counsellor and psychotherapist. This means that I do not spend a great deal of time talking about past issues but concentrate on your present and your future. I employ a whole toolbox of techniques and methods to work urgently and practically at the point of need, tailored to the individual, and I continue to work at professional training and development to keep up with the latest techniques and innovations to improve the lives of my clients.

I can diagnose and treat the mental and emotional fallout from these complex and very challenging illnesses including depression, anxiety, guilt, shame, anger, frustration, trauma and despair.

Therapies at my disposal include cognitive behavioural, person centred, humanistic and existential, acceptance and commitment, creative therapies, guided meditations and visualisations, mindfulness and breath work training.  

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“How to Stay Sane in Pain – Clarity, Resilience and Calm with Lupus”

This book aims to increase overall awareness of lupus and related autoimmune conditions and be an essential handbook for this complex condition.

How to Stay Sane in Pain is available internationally in e-book, paperback and hardback from Amazon.

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Client reviews

“It also really brought home to me what a huge difference it makes having a counsellor who has personal experience of lupus type conditions and the type of care we typically receive”.

“I think she brings to her work every ounce of her considerable professional expertise”.

“Viewing her work is a must for sufferers of lupus or similar autoimmune related illnesses….full of helpful, practical advice”.

“Karen’s personal experience made a huge difference to my feelings of confidence and her genuineness”.

“I can’t recommend her work enough”.

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What you will gain

A safe and confidential space to share your feelings and problems

New tools and techniques for regaining a sense of calm, hope, happiness, and enjoyment of life.

Clarity and understanding of lupus.

Relief from mental and emotional fallout, including depression, anxiety, and frustration

Clarity and understanding of lupus and its effects

Reducing Lupus symptoms and flares


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